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To start it all off properly: I do feel people have the right to address issues – everybody should be able to express their opinion on subjects they feel the urge to address. I am no exception to having this possibility – whether it is through this blog or whatever way I feel the need to address certain things.

Recently, a news article regarding a possible ban on music by Billie Eilish in China got my attention. It basically was about the fact that Chinese fans felt led down by Billie Eilish for rapping along to the word ‘chink’ used in a song by Tyler the Creator. Billie Eilish is turning 20 mid-December; the clip that popped up on the net that started the buzz was showing Billie Eilish at age 13.

Yeah, that’s something that happened almost 7 (!) years ago she feels the need to apologize for. I’m repeating myself in the following way for a very obvious reason: s e v e n y e a r s !

I do feel all possible sides must be addressed and should be based on facts instead of assumptions as much as possible; I will try my best at sharing my vision on the situation.

  1. It is not one of her own songs where the word was used – she was caught up in the hype singing along to one by another artist.

  2. She was 13 at that time – not even getting into this too much..

  3. Racism is just bad in all possible ways – with her feeling the need to apologize for this event that happened almost 7 years ago means she is definitely sharing this particular opinion people are trying to put a ban on her music over there.

Got the feeling I am starting missing out more and more of the logic of today’s world with events like this going on day by day.

Dear Jody Gerson,

I'm putting out this post to address a certain situation going on here in the Netherlands.

It's about Jorik Scholten (better known by his artist alias Lil' Kleine) and follows another unfortunate event regarding his persona – this time it's domestic violence. He is currently signed to Dutch major label Top Notch – which Universal Music Group Publishing, the company in which you're holding the CEO position – the first female CEO at this particular scale (credit where credit is due in this male dominated industry!)

There is clear evidence that domestic violence happened. The latest statement from their side is that 'due to lack of evidence' Jorik is free to leave Ibiza (the whole thing happened there).

Which is unfortunately true – the charges have been withdrawn by Jaimie Vaes, his partner and mother of their son.

Like said, there have been a wide range of events on this kind of behavior – whether it did or did not involve Jorik. Top Notch has a well known history with various ways (or lack) of supporting 'certain actions' done by their artists.

Point I'm trying to make: are you sure Universal Music Group Publishing (and thus including you as a CEO) wants their name attached to stuff like this? Are you aware of things like this happening at a company you are providing the publishing needs for?

I got a big feeling this isn't the case – mostly due to regional borders. Luckily: the internet is available at a larger scale!

I hope this will reach you and/or Universal Music Group one way or another. I really do feel issues like these need and should be addressed.

Violence isn't right at all – domestic violence is in the same category for me.

Take care!

Kind regards,


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